Generally speaking, most men see shopping for their wardrobe as needless valuable time being spent within the

setting of a store. The reasons for this vary- lack of interest, limited time or even uncertainty when it comes to their

clothing attire. With this in mind G.F.C. designed an all around concept to help men with this dilemma. Our trained

Personal Stylists resolve customer time issues through personal visits at the client´s place of work or at home. Our

limited collection is introduced and personally selected together for the individual client. Measurements are taken for 

the G.F.C. collection which is made from the finest Italian fabrics and produced in renowned European factories. Our

master tailors provide the final touches to round off the package of services. Through direct sales we are able to offer

high end products at uncompromising prices. The personal attention and services which we provide our customers

enable them to acquire an interest and at the same time receive a positive shopping experience. 


Shopping hassle was yesterday- Gentlemen Fashion Club- direct purchasing on or offline the future!












Our concept is new to the textile industry and is transforming the way men shop for clothing. We manufacturer our own Collection and then sell directly to the consumer. By doing this we eliminate the retailer and their markups so that the customer can profit from our high quality products at affordable prices.

EXTRAORDINARY SERVICES- we offer employers & employees a direct textile sales service. Our Personal Stylists will come to the workplace and consult, "measure to fit" the individual style, alter & deliver the selected garmets; all free of charge-

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE- Premium high-end materials "made in Italy" exclusively by and for G.F.C. with limited editions not found       elsewhere-

EMINENT QUALITY- Through direct sales the G.F.C. Collection offers an uncompromising value-




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The Gentlemen Fashion Club produces their own collection mainly in distinguished Italian factories. The legendary reputation of "made in Italy" can be

seen in the finest Italian fabrics, the unique elegant cut and tailored fit notorious for the Italian style. After decades of experience in the fashion industry

we are working together with premium manufacturers.

Our Motto continues to be: subtle elegance through fitted perfectionism and high quality representing our style at affordable prices.




The Gentlemen Fashion Club Collection portfolio includes: suits, jackets, fine stretch shirts, flat pockets, scarves, high-quality knitwear, accessories, shoes leather goods. Using only the finest material we offer custom made products most of which are limited editions and sold only through G.F.C. 





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G.F.C. After Work Fitting Events

The Gentlemen Fashion Club organizes „After Work Fitting Parties“ regularly at in locations for Special Guests. "Corporate After Work Events"  is a new service offered by employers in a special atomosphere for their employees. Fitting Appointments can also be organized directly in the company for personal fittings or for the employees of a company. 



made in Italy






Please let us know when you prefer to visit us in our Showroom. 






The Personal Stylists provide companies with direct in house services through organized "Fitting Days". The Stylists advise customers with product know-how, measurements are defined and the customer is ensured the ultimate fit. Customers have the possibility to choose from a wide range of materials individually or together with their Personal Stylist. The products are delivered by the Stylist giving customers ample opportunity to determine the fit of the garmets and it is also possible to place additional orders. Products may also be shipped home. Customers receive all of these service at their own convenience without ever having to leave their work place. High-quality suits produced in Italy at attractive prices. 

Have you ever thought about working independently building a career around your own schedule? In our team of Independent G.F.C. Personal Stylists you would be responsible for assisting clients through a unique shopping experience by helping them find a style & fit which suits them the best. If this could be something of interest than find out what possibilities there are for you to be the next to join our team in Germany of trained Personal Stylists......