Generally speaking, most men see shopping for their wardrobe as needless valueable time being spent within the setting of a store. The reasons for this vary- from a lack of interest, limited time or even uncertainty when it comes to their clothing attire. With this in mind G.F.C.

designed an all around concept to help men with this dilemma. Our trained Personal Stylists resolve customer time issues through personal visits at the clients place of work or at home. Our limited collection is introduced and personally selected together for the individual client. 

Measurements are taken for the G.F.C. collection which is made from the finest Italian fabrics and produced in renowned European factories. Our tailors provide the final touches to round off the package of services. Through manufacturer direct-to-consumer we are able to offer high-end products at uncompromising prices. The personal

attention and services which we provide our customers enable them to acquire an interest and at the same time receive a positive shopping experience. 


Shopping hassle was yesterday-

Gentlemen Fashion Club- direct purchasing on or offline

the future!




Welcome to the Club!


coming soon !


Welcome to the Club!


As a Member of Gentlemen Fashion Club there are a number of benefits awaiting you. Such as: Hotel, Restaurant, Sport Clubs, Car Rental, Spas, Vacation Resort discounts and or special treatment. Additionally each member will profit from the limited Edition Collections which can only be purchased with a membership. Also as a G.F.C. card holder you will received invitations to Invited Guests of G.F.C.

* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery